From Aria to Whirlwind

300 years of flute music
A musical walk with great flute, alto, bass, baroque flute and piccolo.
with works by Frédéric Chopin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang A. Mozart, Antonio Vivaldi, Frederick the Great, Joachim Andersen, Claude Bolling, Eugène Bozza, Eugène Damaré
Ilia Karadjov – flute, piccolo, alto, bass and baroque flute, speaker
Klaus Schäfer – Piano and Speaker

Enjoy a musical walk through 300 years of flute music and learn the basics about the development of the instrument and its musical use. The cross-section of music for flute and piano ranges from the 18th to the 20th century.

Ilia Karadjov played on five different flutes: on a wooden flute from the 18th century, on the normal flute and on the piccolo, alto and bass flute. He enthused the audience with his musical versatility, sovereign technique and virtuosity. Klaus Schäfer accompanied the concert grand piano program as sensitive and musical duo partner with brilliant piano technique.

Ilia Karadjov studied music and musicology with the main subjects flute and saxophone at the University of Arts Berlin. Numerous flute master classes with Prof. Karl-Heinz Zöller (Hamburg), Prof. Eckart Haupt (Dresden), Prof. Dr. Richard Müller-Dombois (Detmold), Trevor Wye (England) and others rounded off his skills. Since 2000 he has been working as a flute player in various orchestras and chamber music ensembles in Germany. With his extensive repertoire ranging from baroque, classical, romantic, 20th century and contemporary music to jazz, and combined with multifaceted programmes, the flute player Ilia Karajov has performed successfully as a soloist and chamber musician in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In addition to his artistic activities, the musician taught flute, saxophone, clarinet and recorder at various music schools in Germany.

Klaus Schäfer comes from Rheydt/Mönchengladbach and has lived in Berlin since 1976. Here he studied at the UdK and made his debut in 1980 at the Vagantenbühne in an Erich-Kästner-Revue. Since then he has accompanied actors and singers in solo programmes, revues and concerts as well as the International Master Classes for Chanson Interpretation by Gisela May. He plays, sings, recites and composes and participates in radio and television productions. He is particularly interested in the authors and composers of the "Golden Twenties" and their successors.

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